Thou Shalt Not Raise the Capitol Gains Tax

Wonkette has the updated list of sins from the Family Research Council. No real surprise that under the heading of State and National Sins, it’s basiclaly GOP talking points all the way down.

We’ve come to expect groups like the FRC to get all butthurt about the loss of White Male Privilege and the right to hate on gays,* but it’s interesting to see how many of these “sins” are a repackaging of Conservative anti-tax/anti-regulation memes. They seem to have taken Jesus’ beef with the money changers and run with it in all sorts of new and intriguing directions. He not just hung out with tax collectors but apparently beat them up and took their lunch money. “Render unto Ceasar this, Motherfucker!” How that translates into being anti-environment is just weird. They’ve internalized anti-liberal sentiment to the point where it’s a knee jerk reaction. They’ll oppose anything so long as it’s in the same gravitational pull as Obama, George Soros and hippies.

Which all goes to add more evidence to my thesis that American Christianity is not so much a religion as a package of tribal identity memes used to justify a lifestyle that is becoming more and more obviously unsustainable. Used to be, Conservatives just didn’t like paying taxes because some of their pennies would go to to help black people. despicable but at least an obvious outgrowth of their sense of lost privilege and a drift away form the Good Old Days of grandpa’s honest bigotry. But now it’s become part of a larger culture war issue, to the point where environmentalism and progressive taxation and social justice are inverted into anti-christian activities by the very nature of them being part of the liberal agenda. They hate that the world is changing, to the point that any lifestyle change, no matter how banal, is considered a spiritual threat. Once you become opposed to energy-saver light bulbs and hybrid cars on the grounds that they’re Satanic, you may want to take a step back and get a little perspective.

* There’s probably someone’s thesis in trying to figure out how polytheism got tangled together with multiculturalism for these nimrods. Apaprently, respecting the rights of Mexican people to exist is tantamount to worshiping Baal. though it does explain how Arizona’s new “No Walking Down the Street While Hispanic” law comes from. Well, not explains, so much as poorly rationalizes an ad hoc association of bigotry with religious dogma.