Turns Out, Chewwie Was Just an Imaginary Six Foot Tall Rabbit

So I watched the final episode of Lost last night and man, that was some week shit. Really just some of the worst storytelling I’ve ever seen on Television.

The best analogy I can come up with is that it was like watching 5 episodes of Star Wars, being pumped, wanting to find out how it ends and then, when you start the 6th episode, you discover that all that stuff about the Empire and the Rebellion, Luke and his father, the Force and the Jedi didn’t mean a thing, that what the story was really about this whole time were these two ewoks and a magic cave. And you can’t pull the plug out of the tub in the magic cave or something unspeakably bad will happen. But it doesn’t matter anyway because what really happened is everyone died n a Pod Race back in episode 1.

Now all you Losties who made fun of us BSG fans for being disappointed can suck it because, wow, you got conned.