Friends and Enemies

We weren’t going to see the Social Network but then we heard the inexplicable: that was good. You wouldn’t think there could be a way for this to be true. A 2 hour movie about the legal troubles of the socially inept uber-dork who founded Facebook?  But it is not just a good movie but a genuinely fantastic movie.

A lto f this has to do with the writer. Aaron Sorkin made a name for himself with the West Wing, pioneering the heavy expo-speak dialogue that made a show about the inner workings of the White House nto just compelling and dramatic but gave it humor, heart and context. Sorkin’s script for the Social Network does this with what feels like little effort. people have extnsive conversations about two or three topics at once, interwoven over time, while dropping pop culture references to highlight the emotional bits and it all just sings. That is how this story works and I can’t think of another writer today who could have pulled it off, making legalese, technical computer jargon and geek-speak seem natural and real.

The soundrack also carries a lot of weight and is masterfuly done by trent Reznor. It’s some of his best work and that’s coming from a fan form way back.

I was feleign a bit down abotu this years crop of movies, wondering what contendors would emerge for the Oscars but between Inception and The Social Network, I’m feleing much better about it all.