For the Record

Last week, I’m preparing my resume for a new round of job searching and as is always a good idea, I google my name. Everything is looking normal until I get down to the bottom of the first page of google hits and find that, along with my usual public pages there is a Myspace page for a “Keith K. Kisser.”

This is not me.

I shut down my Myspace account two years ago. Also, my middle initial is not K for reasons that I hope are obvious.

I contact Myspace and ask them to pull the page on the grounds that it’s offensive, thinking it’s a prank or joke in bad taste.*

Turns out, “Keith K. Kisser” is a legit account and the bald gentleman in the pictures who emblazoned Kay Kay Kay across his Myspace page is in a punk band. Myspace won’t take down the page.

For the record: my name is Keith E. Kisser. I am in no way affiliated with Keith K. Kisser.

Also for the record: Myspace is well past it’s sell by date and should be shunned like lepers.
*Last month, I had a troll on my blog write a three part rant about how I was racist because I was opposed to the censoring of Huck Finn by replacing the N word with “slave”. I assumed at first it was this troll, trying to punk me.