Rightious, Bloody Hands

In my ideal fantasy world, Bin Laden would have been caught back in 2002 by President Gore, tried for his crimes in the world court and sent to prison. Part of his sentence would be that every few years, he had to Interview Barbara Walters so we could all watch as he slowly became a sick and shattered shell of his former self, mumbling anti-American epithets helplessly into his beard. Then, in the fulness of time, he would die silently of old age in some jail cell.

But you know, a bullet to the head works just as well.

I’ve never cheered for the death of anyone but I’m not going to loose any sleep over Bin Laden being hunted by a ruthless military force of elite soldiers and executed with precision by the craft of trained killers. I’d like to believe that justice is something best dispensed by the law rather than from the barrel of a gun. But I’m old enough now to realize — and to accept — that we human animals have a taste for blood and vengeance. It isn’t noble but then neither is killing 3000 people for your imaginary god. Today, there’s a little less evil in the world. I’m willing to take that, however it was achieved.