Oh Please, Let Sarah Palin Run for President!

Sarah Palin, America’s favorite butt monkey, has a new movie coming out. Rumor has it, she’ll be announcing her candidacy for President soon.

Nothing says credible political force like a half term governor and failed VP candidate who fled Alaska under a cloud of ethics violations. What would be even better is if she teamed up with Newt! A man whose claim to fame is that he failed to take down Bill Clinton for receiving a blowjob. These two perennial losers with outsized egos were made for each other. And once they’ve been trounced by Obama, they’ll both finally have outlived their usefulness to the political class and be shuffled off stage, never to be heard from again. And sure, we’d have to suffer through 18 months of malapropisms, garbled backtracking and not-so-veiled racist threats but it’ll be worth it, to be rid of these two jackasses forevermore.

And: I almost forgot the best part! Her movie’s title? Undefeated.

Which makes perfect sense for a biopic about a woman who lost an election as the VP candidate, was runner up in a beauty pageant and quit the only elected office she’s ever held half way through her first term.