The Second Most Deadliest Game

Apparently Mark Zuckerburg and his richer-than-thou pals have taken up killing animals as a hobby. It would be one thing if the rich young elites had taken up the sport of kings and rode out on horseback to hunt stag or boar. That would be a bit eccentric, slightly anachronistic but not newsworthy. Same if they were just organizing big game hunts or safari parties or even just developed a taste for offal like the Romans.

But that’s not what they’re doing.

Zuckerburg and his pals have decided that hunting game is too tedious, and that while eating offal is kind of neat, the real fun is to be had is paying for the privilege of climbing into a pen and killing domesticated animals.

I’m sure there’s no way that this new-found blood lust among the wealthy young aristocrats of America could ever turn dark and weird.