Summer Vacation

The next 5 weeks are going to be busy. I have my in-laws visiting for a week, my last 2 weeks at my job, followed by my folks visiting for 2 weeks. Adding this to the general burned out feeling (who knew being told 6 months in advance that you’re being fired would lead to mental stress and insomnia?) what I’m saying is, I need a break.

So I’m going to go on hiatus until Mid July.

This doesn’t mean I’ll be incommunicado or anything. I’ll still be on Twitter and probably throw cat pics up now and again, but for the next month or so I’m taking some down time. When I get back, I’ll have updates on the novel and maybe even a new job.

I Don’t Care about Wiener’s Wiener!!!

Really. I don’t know exactly when it became conventional wisdom that our politicians should be saints among men, Bodhisattva treading lightly upon the earth, leaving roses and wafts of enlightened incense in their footprints. But it ain’t working folks. that level of expectation is just asking to be disappointed.

I’d settle for competent bureaucrats, honestly. Civil Servants who just do their fucking job. And if doing that means they have a mistress on the side or hire rent boys to spank them on Saturday nights or that they like to show pictures of their erect penises to young women for shits and giggles, well, so be it. They’re only human and have human needs and weaknesses. Whatever gets you through the night and doesn’t hurt anybody, go for it. As long as you wake up on Monday morning and get back to work making just and reasonable laws and enforcing them, have at it. With gusto.

And sure, getting caught showing pictures of your dong to some young lass on the Internets is embarrassing and ensures a long, uncomfortable talk with the wife, but that’s not really any of our business. More importantly, it’s neither illegal or even immoral. It’s kinda shady, maybe creepy, depending on context but mostly it’s just embarrassing, but not for the reason you think. Wiener should have known better, or at least had a private account for such matters, under an assumed name. He’s a politician int he 21C. He should have been more savvy. But he goofed up and now all the prudes are doing their best Church Lady impression and oh, god, it’s all so tedious, shoot me now.