Taxes Are Too Low

For 40 years now, the American People have been told repeatedly by the GOP that Taxes are Too High and we need to Cut Taxes Now! It’s been said so often that it is now axiomatic. My own parents, Democrats for half a century, told me during the Bush decade that they hated what the man stood for, but at least he cut their taxes. My wife and I talked to them about maybe moving to Canada. Their response? “Oh but taxes are so high there!”

Americans don’t make a distinction between poor people’s taxes and rich people’s taxes. They just don’t. Whether it’s because we all hope to one day be rich people and so want rich people tax breaks in place before we get there, or because we’ve just been programmed with a knee jerk, anti-tax sentiment, the result is the same: our country is falling apart and it’s all because rich people refuse to pay their share.

That’s what the Debt Ceiling debate is all about, when you cut through the bullshit and rhetoric and get at the heart of the matter. The GOP is finally getting what they’ve always wanted: they’re dismantling the middle class. And the Democrats are helping them. I’d like to think it’s unwittingly but as the old saying goes, “any sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice.”

Until we can deprogram the voting population of this country and convince them that taxes are a necessary evil (yes, even for rich people!) we’re not going to recover. Pot holes will go unfilled and the electrical grid and water and sanitation systems in this country will continue to fall apart. Sure, you may get to have that cheep Plasma screen television but all that means is you’ll be able to watch the polar ice caps melt and your children drown in sewage in high definition.