Um, wow, 2 weeks of silence. That makes me a bad host, like inviting you to a party at my place and then ignoring you. For 2 weeks.

Nothing terribly exciting to report as an excuse, I’m afraid. I’ve just been writing. And unlike Warren Ellis, I don’t have a fancy deathbar to keep track of my novel’s word count visually so you’ll just have to imagine what 47K out of 100K words written looks like. If my math is correct (cary the 2…) that puts me at 47% of the way there. I should hit the midpoint some time this week (ideally, by Wednesday but you know what happens with ideals: the real world crushes them in front of your face and laughs). Then the fun begins: trying to make all the crazy shit I’ve written thus far make sense.

So, yeah working on my novel has absorbed my time and left little room for ranting on the blog about politics and what not. Also, I’m kind of tired of that. What more is there to say? Abject stupidity rules our country and nothing is going to fix that. We’ll all die, probably broke and in a gutter from a preventable disease but at least our lordly wealthy betters will be able to say they turned a profit before the toxic sea rises to swallow civilization whole. That’s if the apes don’t get us first.

So there’s that to look forward to as well.