One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

Over at Gawker there’s a piece on the Democratic Party’s reaction (or lack thereof) to Occupy Wall Street:

There are several drawbacks to engaging with Occupy Wall Street, the Democratic sources said. One is the movement could blow up in everyone’s face, embarrassing all involved. Another is it fades as quickly and mostly mysteriously as it appeared, making it little more than several cable news cycles in the long run.

“I was thinking about this this morning-the local Fox affiliate had some guy from the ‘movement’ on to talk about it,” one operative said, “and his rhetoric was strongly reminiscent of the tea party, to my ear. Different goals, obviously, and the rhetoric was less, um, violent and vitriolic. But the same dissatisfaction with the current ‘system’ is there.”

“[So] this could end up being good for Dems the way the tea party was good for Republicans,” the operative said. “Or it could end up scaring the crap out of folks.”

And this is the problem with Democrats (says a life long Democrat). They’re so afraid of offending Republicans and the mythical Moderate Swing Voter that they’ve adopted this middle of the road, lukewarm porridge philosophy that is completely uninspiring. The GOP is not afraid to handle a few snakes in order to show that at least they stand for something (even if that something is racism, bigotry, greed and class warfare). What do the Democrats stand for? Tepid hedged bets, capitulation to extremism on the right and an inability to grow a pair and get in a shouting match with some lunatics.

The point of contention seems to rest n the fact that everyone in the media keeps comparing the OWS movement to the Tea Baggers. The problem with this comparison is that it’s absolutely false. The Tea Baggers are now and always have been a GOP Astroturf outfit. They’re funded buy the fucking Koch Bros. and organized from the top down by FreedomWorks, the conservative action group led by Dick Armey, a former Republican Representative form Texas. Meanwhile the OWS movement isn’t funded. By anyone. It’s actually what the Tea Party claimed to be in the early days: a grassroots movement created by citizens fed up with the current failed system.

What the Democrats should do is embrace Occupy Wall Street. Start a few shouting matches on capitol hill (calling John Bohner a dick would be nice but let’s not hold our breath). Anything that shows they actually give a fuck about this country and the direction it’s going in. Otherwise, they’ll be remembered as the party sitting in the passenger seat as the GOP drove the country off a cliff, refusing to grab the steering wheel and make a last ditch effort to steer us clear of disaster for fear of being impolite.