Snubbing the Muppets

I’m trying to remember the last time the Oscar nominations were so boring but just can’t find it. I knew it was a long shot to expect the Muppets to get a Best Picture nod (even though it was far and away the best movie of 2011) but not even for Best Original Screenplay?  I suppose Best Original Song will have to do, but it deserves so much more than that.

Looking over the list, you realize just what a slow year it was for movies. My Week With Marilyn was tailor made for the Oscars because there’s nothing Hollywood likes more than its own mythology but can we please get over Marilyn Munroe? She’s been dead for fifty years and wasn’t even that great an actress. And while I enjoyed Midnight in Paris, any year in which Woody Allen’s 835th movie gets four nominations is slow, by any measure.

Though I will not that this is the first year in a long time that Pixar hasn’t been nominated. I’m sure that will change next year.