Bang, Zoom, To the Moon!

While flouncing around Florida, lying his ass off to elderly people trying to scam their votes, Newt Gingrich announced that he’d like to build a moon base by 2020. This naturally got some attention. A lot of people — especially liberal-minded folk — felt conflicted. Here’s Newt, king of of the GOP slime balls, promoting a good idea, one that Obama wouldn’t touch with a ten foot cattle prod. WTF?

Relax, my fellow week kneed liberals. This is Newt we’re talking about here. He’s either disingenuous or not showing all his cards. As a general rule, if a Republican has a good idea, it’s almost always for the wrong reason (see: tax cuts, but only for the rich).
If a Republican promotes what sounds like a good idea, just ask yourself, “What is the worst possible way this good idea could be implemented, twisting it into a hellish nightmare of bureaucratic entitlement and possibly used as a weapon against foreign brown people with oil reserves unde their asses?”

Newt’s moon base would be an American-only military complex for the purpose of weaponizing space, intimidating the world and leveraging our already overextended military power to coerce other nations into doing our bidding. He doesn’t want to build an international research station, he wants his own personal Death Star.

And as Neil Degrasse-Tyson pointed out, it ain’t gonna happen, not by 2020 or any other time in the near future.

A moon base would be great. Think of the scientific discoveries and problems we culd solve, working together as a united humanity? hat’s what a Moon base would be great at. Just not right now. Let’s sort out this whole Global Economic melt down thing before we start colonizing space. Maybe by then, our leaders won’t be egomaniacs looking for an excuse to nuke Middle Eastern countries from orbit.