Lessons Learned

So, instead of writing today, I spent all day reformatting and republishing my novella, The Lives of Perfect Creatures. Apparently, when I initially uploaded the files to Amazon, there was some sort of glitch that peppered the text liberally with typos and weird characters. The persons responsible have been sacked, and further formatting duties will be overseen by Ralph the Wonder Llama.

The problem seemsĀ  to stem from the fact that while you can make a Kindle ebook by uploading a Word .doc, you shouldn’t, because it runs your prose through a wood chipper first. A Microsoft product doesn’t work properly? Who knew, right?

Which is why today was spent uploading the text back into Scrivener and fiddling with the settings until I could output an .epub file that didn’t look like shit. The upside is, 1) I now know how to format an ebook directly from Scrivener, which will come in handy for future projects, and 2) I now have an .epub edition of my novella ready to go for when the exclusivity window on Amazon expires, and I can push it out to the Nook, iBookstore and Kobo platforms.