Somewhere Along the Line, He forgot He was Talking About Real People

So another Republican running for Senate has come out in favor of rape. This makes the fourth or fifth in the last couple of months. But where the other assholes were defending rape on the grounds that chics, what  are you gonna do? this guy, Richard Mourdock (R- Indiana) decided to bring God into it:

On Tuesday night Mourdock voiced his opposition to abortion even in cases of rapes, saying that a pregnancy resulting from rape is “something God intended to happen.”

+10 points for originality, I guess, but -1000 for suggesting that one of the instruments for God’s ineffable cosmic plan is to rape women into submission. That’s right up there with “9/11 was because of the gays” and saying the Titanic was sunk because there was one dude aboard that God really wanted dead, so he threw an iceberg at the ship he was on. This takes theodicy to unplumbed depths of venality and viciousness.

It’s not so much that Mourdock is trying to usurp divine authority in service of a despicable act in order to convey his own moral superiority, it’s that he doesn’t have a problem with implying that rape is all part of God’s plan, in order to ague for the role of classical misogamy in 21st century politics. If you’ve jumped gleefully off that cliff, not only do you not belong in the US Senate, but you should probably seek counseling.