Publishing News, etc.

The blog has been quite for the last month and for this I apologize. Despite not doing NaNoWriMo, I have been doing quite a bit of writing on the novel-in-progress (110,000 words to date), looking for a day job to pay the bills and getting ready to become a dad. (Babies are a lot of work, who knew?)

Check out the books pages (linked above on the header menu) an you’ll find that my novella, The Lives of Perfect Creatures is now available on the Nook, Kobo and Kindle ans well as in print. That’s been no small amount of work, either, even if half of it was just waiting for the terms of my KDP select contract to expire.

I originally submitted the novella to Kindle Select, in the hopes that it would get picked up as a Kindle Single, which would have meant promotion and quite a few sales. that didn’t happen and I was stuck for 3 months, unable to publish the book on another platform until the window of exclusivity expired. That now has. I wasn’t all that thrilled with my experience with KDP. It wasn’t bad, but it really doesn’t offer anything of added value above the standard Kindle publishing experience, unless you get into the Kindle Singles program, and that’s pretty much like winning the lottery. So I won’t beĀ  doing that again and I’m hardly the only author who feels this way. Anyway, I’m not going to go on at length about this. Let’s call it an experiment, with lessons learned.

From here on out, all books will appear simultaneously on multiple platforms and in print, which will make it easier for readers to find the books and download them in the formats they want.

The novel-in-progress is coming along and as I move into the final third of the manuscript, I’m starting to think of ways to promote the book when it’s published (tentatively, May 2013). As I have (checks pockets) $0.00 in the marketing budget, this means I’ll be doing creative things, like shouting about the book on twitter and publishing a preview of the book for free. So, Sometime in March or April, look for the first 3 chapters of Cloudhunter to appear in virtual bookstores everywhere.

Alright, back to the word mines.


On Second Thought…

National Novel Writing Month started yesterday and while I have in the past made attempts at participating, I think it’s time for me to admit, more to myself than anyone else, that NaNoWriMo just isn’t for me. I’ve tried it for 5 years now and never successfully completed it, nor have I even really gotten more than half way through. The reason is simple: I can’t write under those conditions. Once upon a time I could. One summer, I banged out a 300 page “novel” in 30 days. And you’ll never read it, because it reads like something a teenager banged out in 30 days on a second hand word processor.

I like the idea of NaNoWriMo, how it fosters camaraderie and encourages people to take that first step to write. But it’s not for me.

I’ve written 2 books and am 2/3 of the way through a 3rd, and what I’ve learned from the process of writing these books is that I can’t write 50,000 words in a month. Not 50,000 words anyone would want to read, anyway. And while NaNoWriMo is about motivating you to just sit down and write anything, however good it turns out, this is what I’m about at this point in my career as an author. I’m at the stage where I need to produce quality, not quantity.

Now of course, part of that is also producing quality on a regular basis, and through much trial and error, I’ve discovered that at best, I can manage 1000 words on a good day. Simple math will tell you that I’m not getting anywhere near 50K words in a month at that rate. I’m lucky to produce 25K words a month. And I’m OK with that.

At that rate, I can still write a full length novel in 6-8 months, with planning and patience. And really, that’s the stage I’m at right now, learning to use the patience that comes along with the process to craft something worth the time and effort, both of me and my readers.

So, while I applaud NaNoWriMo for encouraging people to write, I shall henceforth do so from a respectable distance, admiringly.