My new time suck

Felix and me out for a walk.

Felix hanging out.

What I have been doing for the past few months…well, here he is hanging out in the Baby Bjorn. I have been back to work for only a month and am now adjusting my schedule to a new full time job as Adult Services Librarian/Teen Programming at the Woodburn Public Library and a mother of a two month old. It’s amazing how fast life can change. So as much as I would like to get to write posts, update my resume, and scan and upload my photos, expect these things to take a lot longer. My free time at home is now on demand by a 24.5 inch 11 lbs baby boy. I will try and break free, but who knows when that will be :)

Absentee Blogger

My blog has been silent for the past few due to the unexpected surprise of finding out that I was expecting our first child. How was this child unexpected, well, my husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for about four years. This try included the best Kaiser Permanente could offer by way of fertility drugs and procedures without having to go to any specialist. During this whole time, we had absolutely no luck, lots of bills, and added stress of always being called infertile in the clinic. Continue reading

Learning Collection Development pt. 2

Postmaster General James A. Farley During National Air Mail Week, 1938

My first position in an academic library was as an adjunct replacement for a semester and I was just maintaining the collection development for several departments. This meant that a preset list of books to be ordered was given in case the departments didn’t fill their quota. I did run into a few problems with this method as soon as I began having the student employees process these lists for ordering.
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People We Admire

Football Dreams from a seven year old

Last Tuesday, the American writer Ray Bradbury passed away at age 91. I have always admired his work, but I had not known just what an influence on he was on my husband until this news broke. My husband admired three writers that have influenced his writing at a very young age, Robert Anton Wilson, Kurt Vonnegut, and Ray Bradbury, and all of whom have passed away. I have to admit a bit of jealousy at him having found people to admire at such a young age. I don’t think people understand that finding people to look up to is not as easy as it seems and many go through life without such presences. Continue reading

Exploring Spanish Cooking

This is one of my favorite Spanish dishes from a new cookbook I received from my husband’s aunt for Christmas called The Food of the Mediterranean: a journey for food lovers through France, Italy, Morocco, and Spain. I have been slowly exploring these recipes and this one has found it’s way onto the regular menu. I like to serve this chicken with broiled or grilled asparagus and a rice dish made with turmeric, sesame seeds and yogurt. Continue reading

Tips for a young writer

Untitled by Thomas Smillie, cyanotype, 1890

I have recently been asked the opinion from a young writer on some of there writings. While reading through their stories, I began to ask my husband, who id a writer, what advice did he wish was given him when he started writing. So here is some advice he would pass along, and a few other tips to help in the writing process.

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Something new, we like (artist librarian, part 2)

Elizabeth Sabin Goodwin (1902-1980), Washington, D.C., artist and illustrator.

Libraries are changing. This change is driven by new technologies that are changing the materials and resources libraries offer, the methods of access by which we offer them, and all in relation to how these technologies are becoming more affordable and prevalent in mainstream society. In the academic world, adaptation in the libraries has been more experimental as they try to stay in the forefront of the latest resources offering their faculty and students the best possible advantages in the research world. These changes have included the digitization of parts of collections, such as thesis, archival materials, and special collections. Others have been creating digital depositories, checking out e-readers, and offering online reference sessions. Continue reading

Omeka Update

I have been remiss on updating my Omeka account lately. This could be my lack of excitement of working on my extremely out of date computer that keeps asking to update my browsers, even though I am as far as I can go with OS 10.4.11. This means I am behind on my Omeka version and need to do some upgrades. The unfortunate part is that the CVS import plugin has decided to not work, though it was working fine the last time I uploaded. So my next update may be a bit, while I sort out the config files for the plugin. In the mean time, here’s a few of the images from my next batch upload of 8×10 cyanotype and platinum/palladium prints taken in 1997. Continue reading

Reviewing Books

I have set myself a Reading Challenge for 2012 in GoodReads for 100 books. I know I can accomplish this since I read 105 books last year and I do read a lot of variety including young adult, graphic novels, fiction of all genres, some non-fiction, and listen to fair amount of audiobooks. Yes, I include audiobooks, though I have gone back many a time and read the book after listening to them in order to take a bit more time in enjoying the words. A few that I have done this with have been Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next series and Shades of Grey and I already want to read Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam Trilogy. Both of these series use the page and text formatting and play on words in their stories, which are lost in the audio version.

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Voracious Teen Readers

I currently have a teen that is a voracious reader and comes to the desk asking for book recommendations. They are fairly open to reading new authors and genres, but have an affinity for vampires and paranormal stories. So the challenge for me is keeping her favorite type of genre in mind is recommending new authors outside the genre while keeping her up to date with the latest young adult vampire series. Keeping this in mind, I began to ask which “classic” literature she has read and found what I suspected, large holes needing to be filled.

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