Absentee Blogger

My blog has been silent for the past few due to the unexpected surprise of finding out that I was expecting our first child. How was this child unexpected, well, my husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for about four years. This try included the best Kaiser Permanente could offer by way of fertility drugs and procedures without having to go to any specialist. During this whole time, we had absolutely no luck, lots of bills, and added stress of always being called infertile in the clinic.

So wouldn’t you know, my husband’s position is fazed out and we lose our medical coverage, wouldn’t you know we find ourselves finally pregnant. After doing a home test I began searching around on how to get health coverage only to find out that no one would cover me because “pregnancy” is considered a “pre-exisiting condition” and insurance companies can leagally refuse to cover or cover only after 6 months of paying without services. The new law making this illegal doesn’t go into effect until 2014, long after this little one will be born.

I did find out that I qualify for the state medical plan for those who don’t qualify for health insurance at a lovely price of $427 a month. Unfortuantely, because of my part-time job (without benefits) and my husband’s unemployement, we do not qualify for any state aid because we make too much money. Isn’t that lovely, though when the unempoyement benefits runs out in December we get the joy of maybe qualifing, though I am not sure since my second part-time job may put me above that.

So much for making a professional wage without any benefits keeps us just above the low-income line, even though we have to worry about high student loan bills all for our wonderful new wages. And this would be why I have been a bit busy trying to figure out what we should do. This was definately not the way I thought starting our family would be like. C’est la vie.