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My new time suck

Felix and me out for a walk.
Felix hanging out.

What I have been doing for the past few months…well, here he is hanging out in the Baby Bjorn. I have been back to work for only a month and am now adjusting my schedule to a new full time job as Adult Services Librarian/Teen Programming at the Woodburn Public Library and a mother of a two month old. It’s amazing how fast life can change. So as much as I would like to get to write posts, update my resume, and scan and upload my photos, expect these things to take a lot longer. My free time at home is now on demand by a 24.5 inch 11 lbs baby boy. I will try and break free, but who knows when that will be :)

Yearning for the Bohemian

I recently saw Midnight in Paris and was pleasantly surprised by my enjoyment, considering I am not a big fan of Woody Allen movies. The idea of moving to Paris and trying to live a life filled with art and creativity is a dream for many people. Watching Owen Wilson’s character get the fantastical opportunity to meet writers, artists, and creative types from the 1920’s living in Paris is a real treat. Though his main dilemma of not being able to move to Paris and write novels, instead of screenplays for movies is a bit weak.  Considering you are informed, by his father-in-law to be, that he makes pretty good money writing mediocre screenplays.  Why, oh, why can’t he save money and take off a year to indulge his fantasy to write a novel is beyond me. The character isn’t married yet, has no kids, and probably no student loans; so, run off and indulge. I suppose Hollywood, the land of dreamers, just doesn’t believe that middle class people would find this a huge barrier.

I have had these dreams and still have them now and then. I dream of moving to far off destinations and changing my life. And then I have to remember, oh, yeah, I already did that. I guess the huge debt of student loans hovering over me like a behemoth, not having any retirement money saved, or maybe it’s just my age that keeps me from throwing everything aside to live the dream. Then again it could just be my not wanting to give up my feline pair.

Then again, I do have to remember that there was a moment, when me and my husband’s life, we decided that we needed a change in careers and location. One by one, we went to library school, then we chose a date and decided to pick up and move from the East coast to the West coast. It may not have been as romantic as packing off for Berlin, Paris, or even London; but Portland, Oregon held much of the same allure for us in contrast with Georgia. We are now struggling to gain a footing into the library profession here, each of us trying to work on our creative endeavors, writing for him and photography for me, while endlessly applying for library jobs. So in our own, way we are living a modern bohemian life with student loans larger than a house, trying to balance responsibilities and creativity at the same time.

Survey Madness

Many have experienced the wonderful extra receipt with every purchase these days asking for your to take their little survey on your spare time to gain an extra percentage off your next purchase. I have mostly not completed these surveys because usually end up forgetting to take the receipt back to the store to get the discount. Lately I have noticed notices placed in changing rooms of several stores and I have even had a salesperson pointedly tell me to please only fill out these surveys if we are going to give them a 9 or 10 score, otherwise it comes back to them badly.

So what’s the point of requesting survey information from patrons if they are persuaded by minimum wage workers to only reply if you will score them highly? At this point the survey becomes completely useless. So who is not using the information from these surveys wisely? Is it management who expects everyone to give 110% to a mindless job at low pay with no incentives and cannot wrap their brain around the fact that a person should do their job first and go over occasionally? Or are the employees misinforming the public? Or is it both? Either way this shows a great example of how not to do a survey to gain useful information. And how to alienate the people you serve by trying to manipulate them into feeling bad for the workers.